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  1. Ken Lutzow
    Ken Lutzow
    Ulfeldt and Cones Commando 1973 Rebuilding the Commando after 25 years of racing see a brief history at race
  2. Project Power Wagon
    Project Power Wagon
    Sorry Curtis for the delay... we have been beyond busy trying to push this build through to the finish!
  3. Curtis Guise
    Curtis Guise Ken Lutzow
    Thanks for signing up Ken. If you want to post any photos and updates in the shop section that would be great!
  4. Ken Lutzow
    Ken Lutzow
    Cones Commando
  5. Curtis Guise
    Curtis Guise Project Power Wagon
    Thanks for signing up. I just verified you so your posts will show up right away. Can't wait to see your build thread here on the forum.
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  6. Project Power Wagon
    Project Power Wagon
    Love Vintage Power Wagon's? Follow my build Project Power Wagon, our custom build of a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon Type D B3
  7. ericrecord
    ... looking for a 1967 Ford Fairlane, GT-A